Sunday, April 29, 2012

Frannie stops by.

Brad: "Hey you, what brings you to the neighborhood?"
Frannie: "Well let see, hmm. I was hoping to visit for awhile."
Brad: "That sounds great but you're to late. Shawyna and the kids are with her mother out shopping. You can still hang out with me. I just have a few thing around here to take care of."
Frannie: "Gosh, I wish I could help you, as you can see I'm not dress to play in the dirt."
Brad: "When are your ever dress to play in the dirt? How is coaching coming along? Did you ever start your mentoring program?"
Frannie: "That's what I wanted to talk with you about too."

Brad: "Ok so what's up? I can tell by your face it must be somehing you really want to do. You know I read you very well."
Frannie: "Ok to answer your questions. Everything is going great! I love coaching the girls but more important I love mentoring them. You see I figured if I can just let the kids see me perform then that would really inspire them to dream. They are amazed that I have a olympic medal and when I told them you do too. Their little face just lit up!"
Brad; "If I heard you right, you told the kids I have one too?"
Frannie: "Yes and they were so full of questions too."
Brad: "Sound like everything is going good. I'm still listening."
Frannie: "Let me see your shirt."
Frannie: "Oh Bradley, it would be great for them to see us perform. I know if we do two short programs with just the basic ice skating principals, we would just blow the kids minds. I know I can reaerve the skating rink were we used to practice so that would be no problem. I just want the kids and their parents to see that this can open up more possibilities for them, especially scholarships. I do miss competing, not so much the hard work but the excitement,  the anticipation and the determination to excel and be the best."
Brad: "I can tell, your face just lights up. It will take some time to put together a short program. When are you talking about doing all this? Don't say soon either."
Frannie: "That means you will think about putting on the old skates then?"
Brad: "I sure would! Kelly would be so excited to see me perform. The skates are still in the case and I will need to get my blades sharpen. When did you say you wanted to do this?"
Frannie: "Not for a couple of months. The rinks are booked with teams right now, so it will be awhile. Do you think Shawyna would mind you practicing late into the evening. You do have a new baby in the house and I don't want to intrude on your family time with them."
Brad: "Hah, you know my wife, right?! She will practically have the kids living with you the rest of the year!"
Frannie: "Hee, hee, your right. She will be moving them in with me."
Brad: "Seriously, I will talk to her about it. I'm sure she would love to be a part of it too. Since she had Elijah she has been enjoying her time off from work but you know she is all business too. I will discuss it with her and see how she feels about it. If we can keep the practice to the weekend schedule we should be ok. As you can see I have things around here I need to take care of and I promised my wife I would. Especially with her being home, I have a list to follow."
Frannie: "Oh, Brad It would make me so happy!! If we can perform together it would be so GREAT! As you can see, I'm so excited!!! I really love what I am doing and I just want you to see me shine, especially for the kids. They are such great kids too! They are competitive with each other already so I want to show them what it is to be part of team too. You never know if some of them will choose to go professional and want to compete. I'm getting soooooo excited!"
Brad: "Ok, ok, slow down. I will need to talk to my wife to make this happen. I'm glad your excited but first thing first. Fran she IS first."
Frannie: "I know, I know. If anyting I would love to take the kids anytime you two want to want to get out."
Brad; "Hee, hee, that how Elijah came about, hee, hheee."
Frannie: "TMI!, TMI!!"
Brad: "Ok, I think my works is done here. These flower my father-in-law gave us sure like these vitamin sticks. When the bloom they are gorgeous."
Frannie: "The smell wonderful too. I love the shades of yellow and orange."
brad Brad: "Ok you can stop selling me the dream."
Frannie: "Ok I will. You are the best brother ever!"
Brad: "I'm your ONLY brother!"
Frannie: "I know. Go wash you face so we can say hello."
Brad: "Hold on...."
Hello everyone! So glad to met you. My name is Bradley Walker and this is my sister Francesca. You can call me Brad, I believe you met my wife Shawyna and our children, Kelly and Elijah. I was formally Mattel's Nagano Olympic Skater Ken. I wore a turquoise and black skating outfit with a turquoise strip down the outside seam of the pants. My acessories included a long stemmed flower, black ice skates and a olympic medal around my neck. I have the ability to hold by skating partner so she can spin. I am only partially articulated, my arms DO NOT bend. I'm so glad you stopped by.

Hi, Please call my Frannie. I was formally Mattel's Star Skater Special Edition. I wore shimmering yellow stocking with yellow ice skates. My outfit was yellow, blue and orange with a fringed type skirt. With your help I am able to twirl with the help of a pull string. My accessories included a olympic medal, water bottle and a holder that attached to my side so I can spin. My body is articulated but I do have FLAT FEET. Due to my design I CANNOT wear close fitting clothes. I have molding around my waist that the holder attaches to. It was really nice to meet you!


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    1. Thanks for stopping by as well as the invite. I will stop by and check it out.

  2. What doll is she


    1. Hi Elijah, Frannie is Mattel's Star Skater. She was a special edition with Michelle Kwan holding the doll on the front of the box. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I cant stand being outdoors, but for some reason I love it when people take their doll photos outside, lol. I always enjoy the "real dialog" in your stories.

    1. Hi Muff, I'm hoping to take more picture outside on my little patio! I find the early morning are the best. I'll be heading out there again this weekend. It time for Mr. Dotson to show off his green thumb.

  4. Brad was looking kind of nice doing all his house work. Another wonderful story. I was getting worried near the end, thinking she was about to make a move on him. Wonderful to meet these two.

    1. I'm getting better with taking them out the box. Frannie waist molding kinda through me off but since she was an ice skater I figured her and Brad should be family. Who else could she skate and practice with? Brad does have a great skater body, I just wished him arms could bend.

  5. My girl skaters hair is not like that. I'm jealous great story.

  6. I recently purchased this AA Ken doll. I thought his arms and legs were articulated. I like him anyway. My female doll is the Asian model. I think she was Christie Yamaguchi. I put her head on a different body. I would like articulated bodies for both my dolls.

    I like how you showed Brad doing work around the house! It seemed natural. Which doll house is this? I like the idea of brother and sister working together on projects!

  7. Hello from Spain: Brad is a lovely brother. I like the profile you did.Congratulations for the pictures on the outside. The photos are a very real light.A wonderful story. We remain in contact blog blog