Sunday, March 4, 2012

A girl just can't get away.

Dad: "Hello Babygirl, it a beautiful day. What are you doing??"
Cara: "Hi Dad, just working on a project. Well actually trying to resolve a problem. What's going on with you?"
Dad: "It's the weekend, your suppose to be out and about. Curtis called the house before I left to see if you had stopped by. Let me guess, is he trying to put "chains" on you?"
Cara: "Hee, hee, hee. What are you talking about?"
Dad: "Girl you know chains, tabs, tether, you know whatever you hard working women call it now. You know, you're a big time money maker. Especially working this weekend. You should be hanging out not hiding out. Are you at the beach house?"
Cara: "Haaa, Haaaa. It definately not chains! It called a 3 carat. You know the one that goes on the wedding finger. Yes, I figured I come out here where it's quiet and I can get things done. I even have Chanel with me (meow). Where are you?"
Dad: "Just a 3 carat. You need to reach for 6, S-I-X. You know he likes classic cars and he sure loves that Porsche. So go for 6."
Cara: "Where are you anyway?. Now you know where I'm at. I hear alot of talking in the background."
Dad: "At the flower show. You know I like that Ms. Leo who you can find here, she is alright with me. Anyone who like to play in dirt and grow beautiful things is alright with me, yes indeed. Good thing she reminded me. I had no plans to hang out and look at textiles and stuff."
Cara: "Alrighty then. Where's Mom?"
Dad: "Where else but spending money. She went to look at rugs, linen and something else. I zoned out after she asked me for the credit card, you know the one I pay. You know I can't protest or else she won't cook AND bake for me anymore, hee, hee. I'm too old to starve, hee, hee."
Cara: "Hee, hee, you sure would starve. I thought Alan was stopping by today?"
Dad: "If I don't have your mother with me, what makes you think I want him with me today? Don't get me wrong I love my first born son but the planting and gardening is my thing. No way!! I love the grandkids but not today."
Cara: "Oh no, what was I thinking, right! Your just the added break I needed. After I finish my lunch I will get back into the grind. I think I'll be staying here tonight anyway. Hold on Dad, Sae calling me. Hey Sae what's going on?"
Vanessa: "You! Where are you? Me and Curtis are heading out to enjoy the day. You need to get out today and enjoy this weather."
Curtis: "Hey Baby!"
Cara; "Hold on Sae, my Dad is on he other line. Dad, it's Sae and Curtis on the other line. Tell Mom I said hello and I will talk with you later."
Dad: " Hey, I'm the important one, hee hee. I see they found you. Don't work to hard, honey. Remember 6 carats!! Just let go, let God, he will make everything right. Bye."
Cara: "Sorry Sae, I was talking to my Dad or better yet he was talking. I'm at the beach house trying to resolve a design problem. I wish..."
Curtis: "Hey Babe, look me and Sae are on our way over. Perhaps if you just get away for a awhile you have a fresh prospective."
Sae: "Hear, hear. Say it again!"
Cara: "Ok come on by. See you when you get here."
Vanessa: "She really like the beach house huh?. She always there working. Does she ever just go and enjoy it. I would be out playing in the ocean, collecting shells, riding the jet ski. Just having fun."
Curtis: "She loves it there and it's quiet. She must have a problem if she went there. She didn't say anything about it the last time I talked to her so it gotta be serious. Hopefully we can change her mind."
Vanessa: "The coast line is so pretty. You should of let me drive."
Curtis: "HAAAsaaa, really you want to drive? I thought you didn't like this car."
Vanessa: "I never said that. I said I didn't want to drive the car with YOU in it. I look good standing next to the car so I can just imagine how I look behind the wheel, zipping around town. Remember this gorgeous face has graced many fashion magazines."
Curtis: "Ok player I feel you. I can't argue about that. I never thought it would go to your head but I guess so, huh. Hee, heee, hee."
Curits: "Watch out for sand Sae. I would hate for your boots to get all dusty."
Sae: "You let me worry about my boots. You're mission is to get Cara to join us."
Sae: "Hello!, Hello!, coming in. Cara?"
Curtis: "Hey Baby, we're here."
Cara: "Hey, come on in. How are you? Hey baby."
Sae: "How are you? Please tell me you're not working hard."
Cara: "I know I can tell you I love those boots!"
Curtis: "Excuse me Sae, you are in the way."
Cara: "Hee, Hee. Hello my sweet."
Sae: "Yikes, you do have a lot going on. What changed?"
Curtis: "I see why you're tucked away. How far have they gotten on the project before this was discovered?"
Cara: "Well, let see. There is a new issue regarding the property. I am waiting to hear back from the attorney now. Because the land is part of trust, there are exact spec for the building, which is no problem. Making sure it is now green is another story."
Curits: "I see."
Sae: "Oh I know you got this, you are one of the best real estate developers I know when it comes to green (meow). Isn't that right, Chanel?"
Chanel: "meow, purr."
Curtis: "I have faith in you too. In my eyes you are the best real estate developer. How long have you been waiting on the attorney to call you back?"
Cara: "Almost an hour. I can tell he is tough too, but I'm not worried."
Sae: "Excuse me."
Sae: "Hello, yes this is Vanessa Hawthorne."
Curtis: "What's up?"
Sae: "I have a photo shoot tomorrow so we need to get going. I want to stop by a few store, especially Gucci while the day is still nice."
Cara: "I understand. So you know I wear a size 8."
Curtis: "You know your are not in Milan. What are you looking for in Gucci? Never mind, ok we will get going."
Sae: "Ok Cara, we won't take up anymore of your time. I just wished we could of hit Nieman Marcus together. I can see all the shoes now."
Curtis: "On that note, we will skip Neiman all together, hee hee."
Cara: "Whatever Babe, you know my shoe size and what type of purses I like."
Cara: "Sae, I will call you later and see what you picked up."
Sae: "Ok. I talk with you later. Curtis, I'll be in the car."
Cara: "Make sure Sae has some fun today. Sorry I can't get away."
Curtis: "Of course I will. Although she is grown, I still love her enough to spoil her. But first, I need to spoil you."
Cara: "mmmm"
Curtis: "Ok honey, I'll see you later."
Curtis: "Ohh, I like the way you spoil me. Thanks for checking on me."
Sae: "I was hoping we had all day to be together. Sorry to have to cut it short. I was hoping to do alot of shopping."
Curtis: "That's ok. We can always hang out when you have time. I don't think Cara will be available for awhile. She is good and what she does."
Sae: "I really wanted to spend some time with her."
Curtis: "Everything is ok with you right?."
Sae: "Yes!, we just have alot of fun when we are together."
Cara: "Goodness Chanel, this was suppose to be a quiet day. Hmm, let's see what's going on with Alan. Hello Alan."
Alan: "Hey Cara how are you? Let me quess. Mom is out shopping and Dad is out and about not anwering his phone. I have tried calling him twice. I was going to bring the chairs over and see if he needed me to help with anything else. I'll just wait until I hear from him.
Paris: "mmm dadaada daa. MMM ddaa."
Cara: "I spoke with him earlier. He went to the flower show. You know he never misses it. I'm just waiting on a call, trying to make things happen.
Alan: "Oh ok. I just couldn't reach him. Call me back when you get a chance."
Cara: "Ok I will. Take care. Kiss the kids for me, bye."
Cara: "Hello, yes this is Cara."


  1. Yay, another episode! I don't know why but it sure tickles me when you have the animals speak. Dad is right, 6 carats is better.

    1. Hey Muff, you know my mother, neice and brother always talked to their dogs so I have to make sure all the pets talk. I'm eventually going to include a exotic bird so that's going to be alot of fun. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Love love love Mr. Dotson's sense of humor. :) Also--Sae is rocking that outfit! Hopefully Cara can find some "me time" after all this work.

    1. Hi Alura, would you believe I just found a bag of clothes and that was some of the items in it, even Ken clothes!! Right now, Cara has a tight schedule like you and me. Glad you stopped by.

  3. Hello from Spain: congratulations on the photos. I like Alan with the baby and the phone. Also photos of the father saying that the mother went shopping. The cat is adorable has eyes that seem real. I like the work table face. Keep in touch.

    1. Hey Marta, thanks so much. You were my inspiration to show Alan. He will be bringing the new lawn chairs over and they are painted red in honor of you!

  4. Nice photo story Brini. I love Curtis and Cara's relationship.

    1. Thank you. I love playing with them, they look so great together.

  5. Another great story. Mr. Dotson is still my favorite. He's such a trip. I, too, like Sae's outfit. I must have missed Alan's introduction.

    1. He really is Vanessa. For some reason he is so easy to create a story around. I didn't formally introduce Alan as of yet, that will happen soon. I just painted the chairs he'll be bring over.