Monday, January 2, 2012

The party is over....

I hope everyone has enjoyed any and all celebrations that they might have attended.  Who me?, I was chilling at home dozing on and off, not sure if I was watching TV or if it was watching me. As you can see from my girl Cara, she must of had a good time. It another day and she is still in the bed?! Good thing her honey stopped by. She is so spoiled.
Curtis: "Babe, come on, get up, let get going."

Cara: "That must of been some kind of party, huh babe?"
Curtis: "I believe so, Rock Star, hehe.."
Cara: "Ok, ok, I will let you have that, you know I do like Vegas!!"
Curtis: " All I know is you can party with the best."
Cara: "Yes, yes I can. Let me get dress, we have new friends to introduce ourselves to.

Hello, my name is Cara Dotson and I am an Real Estate Developer. I am the President of CDot Developement Co. I am the oldest of 5. The love of my life is Curtis Hawthorne and he is an Electrical Engineer(homage to my son Chris and Vanessa of Van Doll Treasures). We met in college and have kept in touch as we both started our own business. He sooo handsome. Don't you agree?


  1. Hello from SpAin,i got your blog through the Vaness,s blog. I too am a follower of the Barbie and i have a blog dedicated to them that i invite you to visit, From your first post i like eveything. The room, window and the doll Cara Dotson. If you want we keep in touch

  2. Welcome Marta and thank you for the invite!! Of course anyone that loves and follow Barbie is a true friend indeed! I agree, Vanessa blog is wonderful, she is a great inspiration to me as well as Fran too(I have start hitting the thrift stores and rescue all the dolls I can find!).

  3. How cute! Is that Cara and Curtis or Brad?

  4. Hi Ms. Leo and welcome!! Those two are my most treasured dolls, Free Moving Cara and Curtis. I just love them.

  5. Wow! How special! I have the Curtis but not the Cara!

  6. AWWW! I am so touched. Thanks so much for the homage!

    I feel better now seeing that you just recently started your blog. Congrats! you started off with a bang. When I first started I didn't have a clue where I was going with mine. I am super excited to follow Cara and meet her friends and family. Your photos are lovely.