Sunday, January 22, 2012

Curtis and sis finally arrive!

Now that Cara has gotten dress and she hears Beauty barking it can only mean one thing. They're here!! Quick look in the mirror, bathroom check and everything looks good.

The tea is ready...

The table is set and the flowers are fresh out the garden and beautiful...

Dad: "Cara you look as pretty as my wife. Honey the flowers from the garden are beautiful."
Cara: "Had to check my make-up Daddy".
Beauty: "Woof!, Woof!."
Mom: "Hush Beauty and sit, gosh you are noisy. Thanks Dear."
Cara: "Oh my goodness, look at you!"
Beauty: "Woof!, Woof!, Woof!"
Mom: "Beauty out!"
Dad: " Come on in, come on in."

Cara: "Sae, look at you with your tall self! I'm glad you had a safe trip and made it here."
Sae: "It really nice to see you Cara. The flight wasn't that bad."
Cara: "Look at you!, you look fabulous.'
Sae: "Stop, you're making me blush."

Curtis: "How are you Mrs. Dotson? Good to see you Mr. Dotson."
Mom: "Hey sugar, you didn't realize it would take so long did you?"
Curtis: "I know, Sae DOES NOT travel light, ha, ha, ha."

Sae: "Hi Mr. Dotson, good to see you."
Dad: "Sae you were a cute little girl and now your a stunning beauty. Well, you know after my wife, heh, heh."
Mom: "I hear your Honey, clean it up, clean it up."

Cara: "Hey handsome."
Curtis: "Hey babe, you are sure looking sweet."


Mrs. Dotson: "Hello everyone. This is Sae and she took time out to come visit. My husband cooked a faboulous meal and we will be having dinner soon."
Sae: "Hi everyone, nice to meet you."

Mr. Dotson: "Hey friends, how's everyone today? I just wanted to pop in and say it time to sit down for dinner and visit. Didn't mean to interrupt."
Sae: "Mmmm, it does smell good"
Cara: "Mmmmm, I think Daddy out did himself this time."
Mrs. Dotson: "It was nice for you to stop in for a visit. Especially with Sae being here."
Curtis: "Ok ladies, dinner is ready."

Curtis: "Mr. Dotson cooked all your favorites. He even made your favorite dessert."
Sae: "He told me and I am so ready to eat."
Curtis: "You did introduce yourself didn't you?"
Sae: "I did say hello."
Curtis: "Sae now you know better."
Sae: " I know, I'm sorry."

Curtis: "Hi everyone this is my sister Vanessa."
Sae: "Hi everyone I'm Vanessa. As you can see everyone calls me Sae. My brother gave me that nickname when I was little. I am currently a model and I have Mr & Mrs. Dotson to thank for that. They have always encourage me to be the best and to open more doors wherever I go so I kick them open! My big brother is the best, always there for me.
Curtis: "Ok, ok let eat."


  1. Great story! Love your table setting!

    1. Thanks! Those are the "family" favorites.

  2. I loved this! Mr. Dotson is a hoot and poor Beauty didn't get to hang out with them. Looking forward to more.

    1. He is quiet a character! He really enjoys his retirenent. Trust me he does have things around the house to do.

  3. I love the Dotsons! They are funny. Nice story. Basic model is so photogenic.

    1. They are funny and now that they are retired, oh my goodness they are going to have all kinds of adventures.

  4. Do you know all this time I didn't know you had a blog. I just happened to go to In The Pink and I saw your link. I will spend the next week going through and getting caught up. I didn't read this post yet, but I did notice there is a Vanessa here! She must be an awesome doll. LOL! Love the teaset too. I think I will do a post and allow bloggers to introduce themselves. I'll be back. I sure hope you show up in my blogger reader.

    1. Oh yes, Vanessa is a trailblazer! She always inspiring others to shine as well. She is alot like YOU!!

  5. Loved it. Great story. Love the realism in the conversation.

  6. Great story! That Beauty is a mess! I love the dialog. Feels real! Can’t wait to see more!

    1. She really is! She is a star in her own right.

  7. Hello from spain, I love the tea set and dishes. The clothes you put them all are ideal. The dialogue is very real. I love the kiss of mother and child. I loved the diorama. Vanessa´s name is in honor of our companion blog vansdolltreasures???? Keep in touch

    1. Hey Marta! It makes me smile knowing you enjoy reading my doll adventures. There is so much more to come!

  8. Wow! Talk about surprised! I did not know that you had a blog! I read Vanessa's post and saw the link to your blog there:) I will also spend time getting caught up! Looking forward to reading more:)

  9. Thank you, I'm glad you stopped by too. I still in newbie stage but I love it. Vanessa did inspire me to start but so did Fran's. Your blog, oh my, is going to inspire me to sit down and paint. Your work is D-I-V-I-N-E!!

  10. Same here Brini; I found you through Vanessa. Welcome to blogosphere!


    1. Ms. DBG, THANK YOU!! You know how much I love and respect all the information you share. I never found my Zapf 'Jessica" but I found a another and her name is "Scarlet" and I just love her!